Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland Sit-To-Stand Funding

Following on from our MobileHCI poster we now have funding from Chest Heart & Stroke Scotland to investigate tactile feedback to support Sit To Stand exercises for stroke rehabilitation along with Andy Kerr of Biomechanical Engineering.

Mark gives seminar on mobile usability at IIIT Hyderabad

Mark Dunlop from University of Glasgow stressed on how users interact   with mobile interfaces at a recent event in IIIT. Mobile usage is increasing everyday.   Its usage should not be restricted to the educated elite but should be simplified to   reach every layman. Naveen Sethia – UX Head of KeyPoint Technologies stressed   on the fact that technology should be simple and useful so it reaches every user. UX   is playing a prominent role in making web, desktop and mobile applications user- friend

Local press coverage of Mark's talk at IIIT Hyderabad during a visit mainly to KeyPoint Technologies

MaxieKeyboard launched on Play Store

As part of our Older Adults Text Studies project we have now released the MaxieKeyboard on the Google Play Store for download on Android.

Developed in partnership with older adults through participatory design and study workshops, the keyboard is designed to support better error awareness and correction when typing on smartphones.

PhD post in mobile health technology device for the treatment of communication disorders

In speech therapy there has always been a focus on the patient and their carers to perform exercises regularly at home. This need has been strengthened by the steady move to cut back NHS services, particularly in the secondary and tertiary care sector, with the consequence that clinicians have less time available to treat patients. One of the most crucial issues in such a treatment model is to ensure that the patient is performing the exercises accurately, otherwise they might be ineffective or potentially do harm.

Visit by Dr Parisa Eslambolchilar

On Monday 15th June we had a visit from Dr Parisa Eslambolchilar of the University of Swansea who talked about her work with Prof Andrea Tales and Amy Jenkins in a talk titled "Attitudes towards Attention and Ageing: What differences between younger and older adults tell us about mobile technology design"

MobileHCI poster success

Two posters from the group have been accepted for MobileHCI in Copenhagen, August 2015. They are:

Designing with Older Adults to Support Better Error Correction in SmartPhone Text Entry: The MaxieKeyboard
Andreas Komninos, Emma Nicol, Mark Dunlop


Supporting Sit-To-Stand Rehabilitation Using Smartphone Sensors and Arduino Haptic Feedback Modules
Craig O'Neil, Mark Dunlop, Andrew Kerr

New publication

Loraine Clarke, Emma Nicol and Ian Ruthven had their paper "Involving the Museum Visitor Community in Designing Exhibits" accepted to the Cultural Heritage Communities: Technologies and Challenges workshop at the Communities and Technologies 2015 conference in Limerick, Ireland.

PervasiveHealth 2015

Emma, Andreas and Mark attend Pervasive Health 2015 where Andreas presents our paper on BeatClearWalker.

Discovery and Exploration of Urban Context (Workshop at AmI-15)

We are organising a workshop on the Discovery and Exploration of Urban Context, taking place at AmI-15 conference this November, in Athens, Greece. Please consider submitting your paper until July 31! You can find more information here or at the workshop website.

Workshop MobileHCI 2015 Copenhagen

Following a successful workshop at MobileHCI Toronto in 2014 we are pleased to announce a follow up event and this year's conference: