Discussion in museummeSch is a 4-year EU funded project with the goal of co-designing novel platforms for the creation of tangible exhibits at heritage sites: curators will be able to offer visitors new interactive experiences by means of material interaction with smart objects. It is funded by the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme ‘ICT for access to cultural resources’.

UoS (with PI's Dr. Eva Hornecker and Prof. Ian Ruthven) is a partner along with Sheffield Hallam University (coordinator), University of Limerick, Ireland, WAAG Society, the Netherlands, ECTRL Solutions, Italy, DEN Foundation, The Netherlands, University of Stuttgart, Germany, University Carlos III Madrid, Spain, Museo Storico Italiano della Guerra, Italy, University of Amsterdam / Allard Pierson Museum, The Netherlands, the MUSEON, The Netherlands, and Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Italy.

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