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Welcome to Areti Damala who is joining the department on Eva and Ian's meSch project

Mark joins the programme committee for NordiCHI 2014

MSc Mobile Systems launched at Strathclyde with strong usability focus.

Andreas and his colleagues from the University of Patras, Greece, get the 1st place award in the 2nd Intl. Ubi-Challenge competition. Their paper was presented in ACM MUM2013. More info can be found here

With a gestation period of 9 years Mark finally got his 2004 watch top text entry running on a watch..... Now to do it write with 2013 prediction..... -

OATS Press Release out and tweeted -

The OATS Project on text entry for older people has started with Emma Nicol and Andreas Komninos.

Strathclyde announces 5 year Strathclyde Chancellor's Fellowship in Mobile Interaction. A tenure track fellowship leading towards a senior lecturer (or exceptionally reader) post.

Mark has been appointed as ACM CHI Associate Chair for the 4th time.
Steven Coull and Igor Calabria Da Fonte have started their summer internships in the Mobilequitous Lab. Steven is working on use of mobiles for encouraging more active lifestyles while Igor is working on our on-going in-car safety projects.

Gennaro, Karim, Loraine, Mark and Eva all attended CHI 2013 in Paris. Big theme on gestures and a particular highlight for Mark was a super session on Fitts's Law (believe it or not!).
Loraine will be a student volunteer at CHI and also present a WiP poster on her museum research.
Mark has had an EPSRC project funded to investigate text entry with older people. Starting in July in will employ Emma Nicol as a post-doc plus another researcher for two years.

Recruitment has opened for a Research Asssistant on Mobile Development for the Text Entry with Older People project.

Karim has had his paper accepted to the second CHI workshop on TextEntry atCHI 2013

Eva and Ian have started on the meSch project - a 4-year EU funded project with the goal of co-designing novel platforms for the creation of tangible exhibits at heritage sites.
Gennaro has released his first study game on Anroid Google Play Store - CircleGame is a simple circle tapping game we are using to analyse handedness issues on touch screen usage. Please try it out, especially if you are left handed.

Trevor, Loraine, Tobias and Eva all had a good time at TEI 2013 in Barcelona. Loraine Clarke presented a WiP poster at TEI - and while we were there, the notification arrived that her CHI Work in Progress paper on initial findings from the Riverside museum study has been accepted :-)

The second CHI workshop on TextEntry has been accepted for CHI 2013 in Paris. The time our focus is on Grand Challenges in Text Entry.

Our Boat Safety Alert system developed last summer by Interns is now planned to start sea trials in the spring.


Uta Hinrichs from the University of St. Andrews is visiting us on 1+2.November, and will be giving a talk on Friday about her PhD work at the University of Calgary in Canada.
Trevor and Tobias both have papers accepted for TEI'13. We are looking forward to all meeting up in Barcelona!

After finishing his MSc at Strathclyde, Gennaro Imperatore has returned to join the group as a PhD student - starting in October and looking at mobile solutions for people with special needs.
Scottish Ballet have launched their Autumn Season with a digital programme developed by us. A first for UK Ballet the electronic programme replaces the traditional physical programme for attendees to view before going to the theatre, during breaks and after the ballet.

Mark is attending MobileHCI 2012 and seems to enjoy his time in San Francisco.

Loraine's installation at the Ark (children's museum in Dublin) has successfully survived the exhibition. She will present a description of the project and first insights at the 2012 Physicality Workshop in September in Birmingham.

Trevor presented his first full paper 'How Does Representation Modality Affect User-Experience of Data Artifacts?' at HAID 2012.
Adeeb Umar has joined as as EPSRC summer bursary intern for summer 2012. He works with Tobias on the technology for the PlazaPuck project.

July 2012: Participants for Ark study needed

13 June 2012: Mobiquitous related MSc scholarships available.

The Department has a number of funded scholarships for good UK and EU students to take up a place on our MSc in Advanced Computer Science. The scholarships cover the fees element of the MSc and are available to students with a good first degree in Computer Science or a closely related discipline. There are three pathways though the MSc: Mobile Systems, Advanced Software Engineering and Enterprise Information Systems.

If you would like to apply or would like more information about the MSc, then please contact the course director, John Levine, or the mobile pathway leader, Mark Dunlop.
30th May 2012: SICSA Museum Workshop on 'multimodal interaction and museum installation design' at Strathclyde University
Gennaro Imperatore has joined the group - researching touch screen usage for users with special needs.

Trevor Hogan was accepted for the DIS 2012 Doctoral Consortium. Loraine Clarke will attend DIS as student volunteer. And Eva's and Emma's joint paper comparing user behaviour in our user study of prototype installations for the RBB museum with visitor interactions in the museum 'What Do Lab-based User Studies Tell Us About In-the-Wild Behavior? Insights from a Study of Museum Interactives' was also accepted for presentation.

The Mobiquitous Lab in full use: Interactive table in the foreground, and hardware and paper prototyping on the tables in the back (with a nice view over Glasgow)

Eva's paper 'Beyond Affordance. Tangible's Hybrid Nature' won the best paper award at TEI 2012

CHI 2012 HERE WE COME! We will be quadrupel-visible at CHI. Mark Dunlop and John Levine's paper on touchscreen keyboard optimization as well as Tobias Fischer and Eva Hornecker's paper 'Urban HCI: Spatial Aspects in the Design of Shared Encounters for Media Façades' were accepted. Moreover, Mark is co-organizing a workshop on text entry, and Tobias will take part in the CHI doctoral consortium, while Eva will be busy overseeing the CHI Interactivity Explorations...
Per Ola Kristensson (St Andrews), James Clawson (Georgia Tech), Mark Dunlop (Strathclyde), Poika Isokoski (Tampere), Brian Roark (Oregon Health & Science University), Keith Vertanen (Montana Tech), Annalu Waller (Dundee) and Jacob Wobbrock (Washington) have had a workshop accepted for CHI 2012 on Designing and Evaluating Text Entry Methods.

Eva is theme chair on the 'Processes' track for ACM-sponsored Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2012 in Newcastle


Loraine Clarke joined us in October 2011. Loraine will be doing a PhD with Eva Hornecker and Ian Ruthven from the i-lab on Multimodal Interaction and Museum Engagement.

Eva was appointed chair for a new subtrack at CHI 2012, the Interactivity-Explorations (together with Danielle Wilde from Australia). The new call went online on October 5th. Mark is an Associate Chair on the 'Usability, Accessibility and User Experience' subcommittee on the CHI 2012 paper and notes track.

Mark and Eva both attended MobileHCI 2011 in Stockholm 30 August - 2 Sept.

Karim El Batran joined us in early summer. Karim will be doing a PhD with Mark Dunlop on mobile data entry and text input in the context of the Egyptian Agricultural Census.
Trevor Hogan will join us as an external PhD student this summer. Trevor is a Lecturer in the Department of Media Communications, Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland. His PhD project will investigate Tangible Data Visualisation and 'embodiment in physical data artefacts through creative practice' (draft title).
Tobias will give a talk on 'Urban HCI - Scale Matters. Spatial Aspects in the Design of Shared Encounters in Public Places' on the 18th of May in the HCC seminar (human-centered computing) at the Open University in Milton Keynes

Eva will present a paper written by her and Emma about the user studies of installation prototypes for the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum at the Re-thinking Technology in Museums 2011 Conference in Limerick, Ireland May 26-27th

Carrie's final year project, t-vote, a tangible tabletop application supporting children's decision making, will be presented as a poster and short paper at the IDC (Interaction Design and Children) 2011 Conference, co-authored by Carrie, Eva, Andreas Lingnau and Jeff Rick (Saarbrücken University, Germany)

Frøy Birte is now officially Dr Frøy Birte!

Eva is on the Programm Committee for ACM UbiComp 2011

Tobias will give a talk for THIS HAPPENED EDINBURGH #6 Redux on the 17th of April

Eva is one of the organizers for a SICSA summerschool on Multimodal Systems for Digital Tourism, which will take place June 27th to July 1st in St. Andrews

Mark, Eva and Michelle are attending the first event in the Digital Childhoods programme on 24th March and have been invited onto the expert forum on the 25th.

Eva is now a forum editor for the ACM interactions magazine for a series on 'Tangible and Embodied Interaction'. Her inaugural article was printed in the March/April issue.

Mark has been appointed to the Senior Programme Committee for MobileHCI 2011.

Tobias and Eva attended TEI'11 in Funchal, Madeira. Tobias supported the conference as a student volunteer and Eva's chair position of the TEI steering committee was extended for another 2 years.


Frøy Birte successfully passed her viva in October 2010. Mark and Eva are very proud of her! Frøy is now working on the final version of her thesis.

Mark attended MobileHCI 2010 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Asma Malik has joined the group doing a PhD jointly with Mark and Prof Joe Clark in Mechanical Engineering.

The Mobiquitous Lab (our actual space) is now been refurbished - we have black-out blinds, ceiling railings for projectors, wall cabinets etc... the long wait has payed off

Carrie McCrindle (3d year) and Andrew Smillie (2nd year) will be joining us over the summer on a summer bursary, both funded via the Nuffield foundation. Carrie will work with Mark on mobile text input experiments, and Andrew will work with Eva and Tobias to explore 'slow technology' building Arduino prototypes.

We have been funded by the National Trust Scotland to conduct a set of user studies of prototypes for touchscreen installations for the new Robert Burns Museum in Ayrshire. We are currently setting up a series of 5 study sessions (5 different installations) and are looking for study participants: young families with primary school children and 'empty-nesters'. PhD student Emma Nicol joins us on the project.

Congratulations to our PhD students:
Tobias' paper was accepted for BritishHCI 2010. Patrick Tobias Fischer, Christian Zöllner, Eva Hornecker. VR/Urban: Spread.gun – Design Process and Challenges in Developing a Shared Encounter for Media Façades.
Frøy's paper "Assessing the Effectiveness of Multi-Touch Interfaces for DP Operation" was accepted for the HPAS 2010 (Human Performance at Sea) conference which takes place 16-18 June at Strathclyde. Authors: Frøy, Mark and Eva). Frøy received an honorable mention in the student's best papers.
Patrick Tobias Fischer and Eva Hornecker attended TEI 2010 which was held at the new MIT Media Lab Building in Boston/Cambridge MA. Tobias presented the SMSSlingshot together with Christian Zöllner (the two of them form the tech/arts collective VR/Urban) as a hugely popular demo and exploration paper.
2 full papers by Eva got accepted for TEI'10 (another ethnographic study of museum installations and a framework-related paper)
past: 2009

Eva Hornecker is co-organising a SICSA workshop on Whole-Body Interaction for November 5 & 6.2009 LINK

Patrick Tobias Fischer attended the IPCity Summerschool on urban mixed realities in Vienna, Sept. 22-25.

Max Pfeiffer, Master's student at the University of Duesburg-Essen, is here from mid September to late October for an internship to work with our interactive table. Max studies and works at Albrecht Schmidt's institute of Pervasive Computing, with which we have close ties.

Michelle and Mark attended MobileHCI 2009 in Bonn, Tuesday 15th-19th September. Mark is chairing the session entitled "On the move"
Jamie Carmichael completed a very successful summer internship with the Mobiquitous lab, September 8th and ended by taking part in open day demonstrating his project to potential new students.

The Mobiquious lab showed off their projects at Strathclyde Faculty of Science Open day, September 8th

Patrick Tobias Fischer from Berlin, Germany joined the lab as a new PhD student funded by a SICSA fellowship.

Michelle Montgomery Masters participated in the University Research Day 2009 on June 17th at Barony Hall. Michelle presented her poster entitled "Data Collection on Mobile Phones"

Eva Hornecker held an invited lecture at the first SICSA postgraduate conference in St. Andrews on 3.6.2009

Frøy Birte Bjorneseth won the Euan Minto Prize 2008 for best student paper. This prize is awarded annually to the author of the best academic paper authored by a research student of the department in the previous academic year.