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Current Projects

Beinn Bike

Beinn BikeMark and Andreas are working with Steven Owens and Christopher Lowe on an ESA funded project for mobile support for mountain bikers.

Bienn Bike Web

Predictive Analytics for Tourism

OATSA short project funded by DataLab and run in close collaboration with Glasgow City Marketing Bureau. We are looking to take raw tourism data from internet searches and sensors to provide predictions and visualisations giving insight into tourism data and trends.

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Supporting Sit-To-Stand Rehabilitation Using Smartphones

OATSFor many stroke survivors standing up from sitting is problematic. Recovering this important movement depends on practice. This can be carried out at home, however, it is difficult to get feedback on movement performance outside of therapy sessions. We aim to support stroke survivors through the rehabilitation process by developing and evaluating a low-cost system using smartphones linked wirelessly to small feedback units on the leg that vibrate according to performance. We have developed a prototype that shows great promise but is too bulky for clinical use. In this project we aim to develop a miniaturised version and conduct evaluations.

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Smartphone Sensonomies

OATSSmartphones are now equipped with multiple high quality sensors (accelerometers, GPS receivers etc.), utilise high speed always-on data connections, and are habitually carried by most people. Exploiting this recent phenomenon, the aim of this project is threefold: firstly to investigate how events passively collected from large numbers of individual in-vehicle smartphones can be synthesised to provide accurate models of significant traffic-related issues (dangerous road sections, delays, surface degradation etc.), secondly to determine if this mechanism can provide high-quality data for transport-related research, and thirdly to perform initial evaluations on how this data can effectively and safely influence driver behaviour.

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Legacy 2014 Physical Activity Fund Programme Evaluation

OATSThe Legacy 2014 Physical Activity Fund seeks to address one of the challenges identified in evaluation of legacies from previous major sporting events – encouraging people who have low levels of physical activity to become more active. Whilst there is strong evidence that those already active can be inspired by such events, including the recent 2012 Summer Olympics in London or the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, those who are physically inactive or engaged with limited physical activity are considered less likely to be inspired and become active.

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OATS: Older Adults Text Studies

OATSA two-year EPSRC funded research project conducting an empirical investigation and user-centred development of touch-screen text entry methods for older adults. The project started in September 2013 with Mark, Emma and Andreas. The project is working with Strathclyde's Centre for Lifelong Learning to help us work with groups of older adults and with Keypoint Technologies to help develop smart text solutions.

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meSch: Material Encounters with Digital Cultural Heritage

meSchmeSch is a 4-year EU funded project with the goal of co-designing novel platforms for the creation of tangible exhibits at heritage sites: curators will be able to offer visitors new interactive experiences by means of material interaction with smart objects. The Mobiquitous involvement started in January 2014 with Ian Ruthven, Eva and Areti.

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Completed Projects

Scottish Ballet Digital Programme

Programme running on Android PhoneScottish Ballet was keen to test audience reaction to a digital souvenir programme and took the opportunity as part of a larger Autumn Season 2012 green campaign (reducing print material by 80%) to launch the first of its kind. Mark and Ian Hamilton worked with Scottish Ballet to develop a bespoke digital programme that could be managed in-house with content changes once built.

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Wi' gleesome touch!

Children interactingWe conducted an evaluation study of touchscreen installation prototypes for the new Robert Burns Birthplace museum in Ayrshire. Our research informed the design of the final systems and is funded by the National Trust Scotland. We returned to the museum in spring 2011 to study the final systems in use by visitors.

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Smaller and older projects to be added....

Older projects are described on the Old Mobiquitous Site