SICSA HCI All Hands On - 19th January 2015

The next SICSA All-Hands-On day will be hosted at Strathclyde University on Monday 19 January 2015. We plan a day of work centred around ubiquitous computing, smart cities, evaluation, multi-modal interaction, participatory design and well-being.

The day will run from 1030 to 1530 in the Insight Institute on Strathclyde's Strathclyde's city centre campus.

We’ll start with a series of very brief introductions from the attendees to themselves to get to know each other. Here each research group will get 1 minute to give an overview of their group and each attendee will follow their group talk with 30 secs on their own research.

After the introductions we'll have a keynote on living lab citizen science from Dr James Stewart from the School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh. James’s background is in the field of technology studies, concentrating on the appropriation, consumption and use of new ICTs and the co-evolution of large scale systems of technology and culture. He’s involved in living lab projects, projects to support cycling in Edinburgh and the EU programme on Action on ICTs for Social Inclusion. After James’s talk we will split into small working groups to work together on themes and challenges emerging from the talk and finish the day with summary presentations of our work.

Please register on EventBrite if you plan to attend (detailed agenda also on EventBrite.