The Mobiquitous Lab

Computing is not restricted to desktop computers and graphical user interfaces any more. The Mobiquitous Lab investigates user behavior in the context of mobile devices, ubiquitous computing, and new developing multimodal interaction mechanisms, such as multi-touch tables and tangible interaction.

These technologies provide new opportunities for how computing can improve our lives and how it can integrate into everyday contexts. We engage in research investigating these new options, for example by studying how visitors to a museum interact with an interactive table and how haptic feedback can support typing eyes-free on a mobile device.

New technologies and interface concepts also pose new challenges for interface design, e.g. mobile devices require designing for small screens, and multi-touch tables can be viewed from all sides. Our research contributes to understanding and catering for these issues.

Our research spans a variety of user-centered design methods, including quantitative user studies in controlled experiments, field studies of technology deployment in the use context, and participant observation. We have experience in conducting system evaluations as well as in contributing to requirements analysis through working closely with end users over the course of a system development project.

The Mobiquitous Lab is jointly led by Dr. Mark Dunlop and Dr. Eva Hornecker and participates in the SICSA 'multimodal interaction'  research theme.

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